Kings of Leon Concert Review

Bearded men.

Did that interest you? Well then, imagine bearded men serenading you with music that will take you on an emotional roller coaster. There is a name for that and it’s the band, Kings of Leon. On January 16th, the guys from Kings of Leon came to Toronto and performed at the Air Canada Centre for their seventh and newest album, “WALLS”.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of tickets and experience their magic first hand.

Aside from the fact that all the members are easy on the eyes, they’re genuinely talented musicians. I think it is hard to differentiate the talented artists/musicians from the phonies because of all the auto tune and audio/visual enhancements used today to distract the listener. But not Kings of Leon. They sound exactly the same live as they do over the radio, which is such a rare treat. The stage and graphic images were simple, not taking any attention away from their music.  The band’s chemistry on stage was effortless (as it should be when the band is composed of 3 brothers and a cousin) and it was obvious to the audience they were doing what they enjoy most.


“WALLS” redeemed Kings of Leon from their previous album “Mechanical Bull” which was a disappointment to their fans. I speak for the fans when I say we were worried that the set list for the tour would be solely focused on “WALLS” as the past set lists were focused around the latest album that was out. “WALLS” offers lively songs, but long time fans craved songs from “Only By The Night” and “Come Around Sundown” especially the hit single that put them on the map “Sex on Fire” which has not been played for years, only on the rare encore performances. To my surprise, they played all the hits that captured the heart of their fans and made the stadium roar.

Being a student, I usually would not spend more than $50-$75 on concert tickets, but I couldn’t give up the opportunity to see Kings of Leon. I paid $90 for level 100 seats and it was worth every penny. Although being able to stand front and centre to watch the band perform would have been amazing, the sound quality of the Air Canada Centre was crisp and clear. The band seemed to be more interactive with the floor crowd by throwing water bottles, guitar picks and drum sticks. I wish they had a stronger throwing arm so one of those things could come in my direction but breathing the same air as them was more than I could ask for.

The boys from Kings of Leon put on one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Check back next week for my next review on Louis C.K., who will be doing a comedy act at the Air Canada Centre. I have tickets and its going to be interesting as it will be his first time doing a tour in big name stadiums.

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20170116_212434_Pano (1).jpg
Kings of Leon performing “Wild” while the audience lights up the stadium
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The Transition: To Meat or Not To Meat

Hi everybody.

My name is Janet Lam and I am a pescatarian.
Don’t worry, its not a disease or a drug addiction, its actually a kind of diet. It similar to being a vegetarian but I do eat seafood like fish and shellfish as well as eggs.

I usually opt out and tell people that I am a vegetarian rather than a pescatarian because it avoids me explaining what it means and seeing the confusion on their face. The response I get is either “You’re such a strong person for doing that” or “You are crazy for giving up meat!” and because of the excessive amount of times that I have heard these phrases, I do not tell people about my diet until necessary. I try not to fit the vegan stereotype and let everyone know right off the bat.

“Hi, I’m Janet. What a sweet dog. Oh did I mention I’m pescatarian?”

Shortly after, I will be asked why I made the switch. It’s awkward because I feel pressured to say something profound but the answer is “because I wanted to”. I never ate much meat before the transition because it made me feel heavy, especially pork. Then I get asked why I’m not a full vegetarian, where I respond with “because I wanted to”. Completely dropping seafood from my diet was not an option. My Asian culture is so closely tied to food and I did not want to lose that part of me. The experience of a large family dinner would be alter as I would not be able to part take in every dish in the 10 course meal (I know, its a lot). How could I only snack on snow peas while my cousin beside me is munching on a delicious lobster claw?

Cooked lobster, traditional Chinese style. Fried, with ginger, garlic and green onions.
Traditional Chinese style lobster, usually served at high profile dinner parties and the most highly anticipated dish out of the 10 course meal. Try not to drool.

It will be a year of being a pescatarian in April and there are some challenges I have faced. The main one is finding food outside to eat. I work 3 jobs and go to school full time so I find it hard to find time to prepare food. Buying food is the biggest challenge because the go to option from a fast food place are french fries, always. Places like Wendy’s and Mcdonalds do not have many pescatarian options so I settle for fries. It is not the most satisfying option nor is it best for my gut and skin complexion. But it has made me go outside of my comfort zone and try new recipes. Some dishes have not come out successful but others were big hits with myself and others. I have always been a fan of cooking shows and it was the chance to try out all the recipes from my favourite chef, Curtis Stone.

I admit, I do miss meat from time to time. I can be walking through the food court of a mall and get a big whiff of bacon that puts my will power to its test. But I wouldn’t go back – not just yet. It is nice to hear encouraging compliments from other people about my diet, as well from my Buddhist mother who went full vegetarian after seeing me going through my pescatarian transition. I have also heard horror stories about the transition back to meat giving people terrible stomach aches and trips to the hospital, it’s enough to keep me going.

Louis C.K Review

Louis C.K. took on the Air Canada Centre on January 26, a sold out show of 19,800 people, something out of the ordinary for Louis C.K. shines in his scene is more of a smaller, cozier venue. The day before, January 25th, Louis C.K. did a last minute secret show at Massey Hall with a smaller crowd. Louis C.K. stated that he felt bad for the Air Canada Centre crowd because they would not have gotten the full experience of Louis C.K. in his natural environment as the Massey Hall crowd received. Whether Louis felt comfortable or not at the Air Canada Centre, it didn’t show though his performance.

I purchased the tickets without thinking twice about it. I got one for me and my friend expecting her to pay me back regardless if she wanted to go or not. There was no time to think or consult because it was selling out fast and there were only nose bleed seats left. I was hesitant to buy the Louis C.K. tickets because some of his shows are hit and miss. Louis and his wife have been divorced for almost 10 years and he does often tie in the transition of married life to single life, but it has gotten old. Luckily, he didn’t go back to his old ways and had a ton of new content.

Before Louis C.K. came on stage, he had 3 great comedians as his opening act. Joe Machi, Jennifer Feinstein and Joe List. Each of them had 5 brief minutes on stage, which was not enough. When they left the stage, one by one, I felt a wave of disappointment as I craved more. Joe List was my favourite, as he talked about his personal insecurities, and who doesn’t love to laugh at others insecurities especially if it’s closely related to you. Hearing it from someone else’s mouth makes it’s much funnier than your own.

A photo of Joe List.
As you can see, Joe is a tad “geeky” (words he used to describe himself). He poked fun at those insecurities

Louis C.K. is known to pushing the limit on controversial topics like religion, abortion and politics but he has such a suave way of expressing his opinions that it is hard to be offended by anything he says. Louis C.K. started off the show saying

 “Wow, there is a lot of people here. But not as many people as the amount of people all our moms slept with.”

There was a collective feeling of disgust fallen over the crowd to think of our mothers that way but it was so funny and lighthearted the way he presented it, that as crowd we all laughed and were somehow connected over our mothers’ promiscuous past.
By the end of Louis’ performance, I laughed so hard that I found myself with a rock hard 6 pack. But it didn’t end there. Toronto was lucky enough for an encore where he tried out new content on the crowd. It left my 6 pack into an 8 pack. It was all over the place and didn’t have a smooth transition as his performance but when he pieces it all together on his next tour, it will be a treat.

If you missed out my previous review, check out my feelings about the Kings of Leon and follow me on twitter for quick, witty comments on events.

Louis C.K. on stage waving goodbye to the crowd at the Air Canada Centre.
No photos are allowed at any comedy show, but I was able to capture this bad boy.

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